Regional Hospital Billing Services

Regional hospitals fill the vital role of serving patients in rural and regional areas where few healthcare options are meeting their needs. Your widespread patient base and high utilization rates mean you’re providing care in an exceptionally challenging environment. With hospitals closing across the U.S., regional hospitals are now more important than ever. Your health contributes to community health, so staying strong is a must. And having experienced regional hospital billing services will help ensure financial stability.

Only some people within your organization understand the daily realities you face as a busy regional hospital. Community needs, regulatory changes, societal forces, and tight resources combine to create immense stress for your staff. These include team members working in billing, coding, revenue management, and more.

In this high-pressure setting, Altruis steps in to work as your experienced billing partner by providing industry-leading expertise. Let’s transform your billing cycle and make it easier to work efficiently as you serve your regional community.

Regional Hospital Billing Services


Discover a new level of billing productivity by uncovering inefficiencies and turning them into opportunities. Claim more revenue through innovative billing strategies while saving costs and streamlining your workflows.


  • Extend valuable services to existing patients
  • Find new streams of recurring revenue
  • Improve hospital satisfaction and quality scores
  • Resolve threats to your margins and profitability
  • Rest assured that your billing practices stay legal and compliant


Medical credentialing might be a hassle, but it’s an essential step in your administrative work. We’ll tackle the complexities of credentialing to ensure your regional hospital can secure reimbursements for its valuable services.


  • Reduce credentialing errors and improve accuracy
  • Maintain complete and correct CAQH profiles
  • Check laws and rules that impact your credentialing
  • Proactively scan documents for blanks, mistakes, and duplications
  • Prevent gaps in credentialing that cost time and money


Accurate and timely medical coding services limit claim denials and prevent delays. Coding improvements lead to cash flow improvements. Our coding specialists can address and resolve even your most persistent coding challenges.


  • Avoid coding-related delays that sap resources
  • Halt under-coding and over-coding issues
  • Minimize resubmissions and related hassles
  • Get coding done right the first time, every time

A/R Cleanup

Clean up your accounts receivable by ensuring your data is accurate. Speed up collections and overcome obstacles to revenue generation. Gain deeper insights into your A/R activities for better, more informed decision-making.


  • Address A/R inefficiencies and delays
  • Return your A/R to a clean, manageable state
  • Resolve long-neglected accounts and payments
  • Prevent negative outcomes like audits and noncompliance


Long after their visits, many patients become eligible for reimbursement coverage. Altruis tracks down these sources of revenue and facilitates the process of claiming them on your behalf. We’re your retroactive revenue partner!

  • Automate your retroactive collections
  • Build fast gains within 30 days
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Search new encounters daily
  • 100% contingency – we get paid when you do


Long after their visits, many patients become eligible for reimbursement coverage. Altruis tracks down these sources of revenue and facilitates the process of claiming them on your behalf. We’re your retroactive revenue partner!


  • Automate your retroactive collections
  • Build fast gains within 30 days
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Search new encounters daily
  • 100% contingency – we get paid when you do

How to Improve the Revenue Cycle

Altruis helps regional hospitals streamline their revenue cycle activities like billing, coding, training, and more. We use our decades of healthcare revenue cycle management expertise to refine and optimize your entire billing strategy. If your regional hospital billing isn’t as smooth and productive as it could be, here are some improvement tips.

Claim Past-Due Revenue

Start by generating a fresh list of sources of past-due revenue still outstanding. As your revenue cycle improvement partner, Altruis can focus on pursuing payment for these aging bills while your internal staff focuses on current billing. We can also handle the entire process from start to finish. Either way, this reduces stress for your staff while supporting a more productive billing process.

Improve Credentialing

In healthcare, credentialing is just as important as coding in promoting smooth and error-free billing. Credentialing involves checking background information like licenses, educational qualifications, insurance information, and compliance factors. Ensure providers are valid with the required insurance plans for the best chances of rapid reimbursement.

This key step keeps your facility qualified to care for patients profitably by preventing insurance conflicts, avoiding medical errors, and minimizing the risk of expensive and embarrassing problems in the future.


Overcome Denials and Resubmissions

Coverage providers will quickly reject claims that don’t meet their stringent requirements, so denials are an expected part of the process. Altruis uses proven techniques to overcome denials, resubmit eligible claims, and improve your revenue. 

Solve Staffing Problems

Your regional hospital likely struggles with the same high turnover and hiring challenges as others in your industry. Altruis’ regional hospital billing services ease the strain on your workforce and keep your labor costs in check. We’re a simple, all-in-one solution for medical billing.

How to Improve the Revenue Cycle with Altruis' Regional Hospital Billing Services

Choose Your Success Strategy With Altruis

Select from three main options: training with Altruis only, fully outsourcing your billing management to Altruis, or creating a collaborative hybrid of the two. Our services are flexible, and we’ll adapt to your needs.

Comprehensive Coding Training

Does your staff just need more training? Altruis can provide in-depth training on medical coding systems (such as CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10) to ensure your staff is following accurate procedures. Learn correct diagnosis coding plus guidelines, modifiers, and documentation requirements to streamline your coding flow. Alternatively, you can outsource coding to us entirely. Learn More About Medical Coding Services

Payer Knowledge

Having the right payer knowledge makes all the difference in claiming payment successfully. We’ll train your team on handling a wide variety of insurance plans, reimbursement policies, and billing requirements so it’s easy to understand payer policies. You can also turn this task over to us and take it off your plate.


Claims Submission Process

Learn the proper procedures for submitting claims electronically or via paper, including common mistakes to avoid. Emphasize the importance of accurate and complete claim forms to avoid rejections or delays. If you’d prefer to have Altruis handle your claims submission, we’ll make sure it happens accurately, on time, and with the best possible chances of high-value reimbursements.


Denial Management

How knowledgeable is your staff about the denial management process? We can help you teach them the right strategies for analyzing and resolving claim denials. This includes understanding rejections vs. denials, denial codes, and coding issues that need immediate follow-up. We can also handle denials and resubmissions for you to ensure they’re always handled properly.

Patient Eligibility Verification

Verify patients’ insurance coverage, benefits, and pre-authorization requirements before procedures should occur. This essential step helps prevent billing issues later. If verifications are a challenge for your staff, turn it over to us, and rest assured it’s under control.

Altruis Helps Regional Hospitals Thrive

We understand that staffing challenges and limited resources impact your ability to handle billing smoothly. Depending on the size of your organization, you may only have a few people with the expertise to manage your billing. Teams are often small and are scrambling to focus on current payments.

As a healthcare leader, you recognize the need to focus on in-depth and value-added activities like reviewing aging bills, resubmitting declined reimbursement claims, and looking for potential sources of new revenue that will help your hospital thrive. However, it can be difficult to find time for these activities outside the demanding flow of daily healthcare work.

The focus should be on patient care, but it takes time and focus to go through billing issues and older accounts receivable (AR) to conduct strategic revenue analysis. Your team members may not have the training or knowledge it takes to handle billing effectively. 

Instead, consider another route to managing your end-to-end revenue cycle. The team at Altruis has extensive expertise in medical billing, coding, credentialing, A/R cleanup, and revenue management. We can handle everything from the basics of billing best practices to advanced strategic analysis.

Altruis releases AR backlogs and prevents future billing issues by optimizing your revenue cycle management process and resolving systemic problems. We use the latest techniques in AI and automation to bring a new level of innovation to your regional hospital billing procedures.

Each process improvement we pinpoint and address will reduce your costs and speed up your revenue cycle. The overall result is measurable financial progress toward remaining a healthy regional hospital for your community.

Learn More About Regional Hospital Billing Services

If you’d like to learn more about how to find the right regional hospital billing services and implement them using the industry’s best practices, please view the related article on our blog.

To best serve your patients and your community, you deserve a best-in-class regional hospital billing partner. This is the partnership you’ll find with the team at Altruis. We make your mission our mission.

We understand the unique challenges of regional hospitals and will use our expertise to refine your billing practices with your constraints in mind. Our goal is to help you realize healthier revenues for a healthier mission.

Share your story and see how we can help you as you help your community!

You Provide Healthcare. We Provide Healthy Revenue.

Altruis supports your financial wellness through better billing, coding, reimbursements, and more. It’s called revenue cycle management and it’s the secret to keeping your focus on patient care. While you’re helping people stay healthy, we’re helping your bottom line stay healthy, too.