Critical Access Hospital Billing Services

Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) serve our underserved rural communities with compassion and understanding. Typically small and remote, CAHs face unique challenges, and changes in medical billing and reimbursement protocols have exacerbated those issues. Altruis helps CAHs realize healthier revenues with expert critical access hospital billing services.

To better serve your patients and your community, you need a partner who knows the ins and outs of medical billing and treats your mission as their own. At Altruis, we understand the tight budgets on which CAHs often operate. We realize the importance of efficient and effective recouping of outstanding debts and navigating hurdles when collecting from Medicare and Medicaid. With Altruis on your side, you can realize healthier revenues for a healthier mission.

Critical Access Hospitals Billing Services

You Provide Healthcare. We Provide Healthy Revenue.

Altruis supports your financial wellness through better billing, coding, reimbursements, and more. It’s called revenue cycle management and it’s the secret to keeping your focus on patient care. While you’re helping people stay healthy, we’re helping your bottom line stay healthy, too.