Behavioral Health Billing Services and Revenue Enhancement

The right approach to behavioral health billing services and revenue enhancement is built on understanding these providers’ vital—and complex—mission. Patients often arrive in crisis, with layered and interconnected care needs that must be treated holistically. There are also unique complexities when it comes to behavioral health billing and reimbursement—all of which is coming to a head in an environment of regulatory change and an increased need for behavioral health services in communities across the US.

Altruis partners with behavioral health providers to ensure the processes and outcomes of revenue cycle management (RCM) immediately strengthen financial performance. Our behavioral health billing services team has a deep understanding of how payers interpret and reimburse the diverse types of care that make up the world of behavioral health. This expertise enables us to help accelerate and enhance reimbursement—while ensuring the services we offer align with the mission and on-the-ground realities of behavioral health providers. The opioid epidemic. The continuing shift toward working with managed care organizations. MACRA, MIPS, and other value-based care initiatives. As a behavioral health organization, you’re on the front lines of the challenges—and changes—confronting US providers. As your behavioral health billing service and RCM partner, Altruis is ready to help.

Behavioral Health Billing Services and Revenue Enhancement

Lives in Crisis: The Facts on Behavioral Health Patients

17 million people utilize community mental health centers.
71% of behavioral health center patients are at or below the poverty level.
38% of behavioral health center patients are uninsured.
35% of behavioral health center patients depend on medicaid.

Optimized Behavioral Health Billing Services and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Our expert team of behavioral health billing and claims management professionals has invaluable experience in implementing highly effective revenue cycle management (RCM) processes. Using technology customized to your specific needs, and taking advantage of your existing electronic health records (EHR) and clearinghouse, we put systems in place that maximize your ability to obtain reimbursement.

Collaborating for More Effective Operations

Altruis' behavioral health billing services can bring a 73% reduction in claim errors.
Altruis' revenue enhancement services can bring a 36% increase in cash collections.
Altruis' behavioral health billing services can bring a 54% reduction in outstanding claims.
Altruis' behavioral health billing services can bring a 67% reduction in outstanding AR.

Care-Focused Revenue Enhancement

In addition to behavioral health billing services, Altruis develops technologies that enable providers to better serve patients while also benefiting from the explicit and implicit financial incentives created by value-based care initiatives.

For example: Did you know that electronic behavioral health screenings are reimbursed at a higher rate than the paper-based version? This has created significant financial opportunity as private and government payers realize the importance of monitoring, tracking, and measuring behavioral health and care-plan progress.

In Their Own Words

“Seven Counties Services appreciates the expertise and service that Altruis provided us during the transition to managed care. Having them as a partner to manage this financial transition enabled us to continue to focus on, and deliver a high quality of care to our community.”


You Provide Healthcare. We Provide Healthy Revenue.

Altruis supports your financial wellness through better billing, coding, reimbursements, and more. It’s called revenue cycle management and it’s the secret to keeping your focus on patient care. While you’re helping people stay healthy, we’re helping your bottom line stay healthy, too.