Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management Done Right

Altruis partners with our clients to identify and address issues in revenue cycle management (RCM). We handle all aspects of the revenue cycle identifying front-office opportunities for improvement, actively working rejections and denials, and performing all payment posting and reconciliation of accounts. We pride ourselves in maximizing payments without delays from rejections and denials. Altruis provides trended analysis of all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to maximize transparency of your revenue cycle performance.

Revenue Cycle Management in Medical Billing (RCM) — How We Deliver Improved Results

Denied claims are costly, and the overhead associated with processing and follow-through to payment on these claims can border on the insurmountable. With Altruis, healthcare providers see a reduction in the rate of errors and denials, improving productivity and efficiency while saving significant time and money. We have dedicated staff members whose primary focus is to follow-up on pending and in-process claims to ensure no dollar slips through the cracks. We catch and correct denials faster, improving and accelerating the pace of reimbursement for our clients.

How Altruis helps improve your RCM processes

Altruis works directly with payers on our clients’ behalf, developing and strengthening relationships that enable us to more quickly resolve RCM issues and prevent them in the future. We don’t consider a paid claim the bar for success—we monitor for underpayments and hidden opportunities that would deliver more accurate payment for the care our clients deliver. We also continuously mine the data from rejected and denied claims to gain insight into how our clients’ revenue cycle management efforts can be improved. We then share these insights with our clients along with trended Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to implement the changes required to optimize reimbursement.

Altruis serves those who serve others, and we’re proud to partner with organizations that selflessly and positively impact their communities every day. It’s true that your revenue cycle management encompasses many different aspects of healthcare, but for us the meaning is simple:

Delivering healthier revenues for a healthier mission.

Trending results on a rolling 12-month view allows us to provide comparisons on performance both from a month-to-month perspective, as well as compare to the prior year. Understanding the changes and the causes for the change is important to our clients. This enables us to have collaborative discussions and clear communication about the items that are most impactful to their financials and overall revenue cycle management performance.

You Provide Healthcare. We Provide Healthy Revenue.

Altruis supports your financial wellness through better billing, coding, reimbursements, and more. It’s called revenue cycle management and it’s the secret to keeping your focus on patient care. While you’re helping people stay healthy, we’re helping your bottom line stay healthy, too.