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Our team of seasoned billing and claims management professionals works with you to craft customized solutions that meet your specific needs. Leveraging your current electronic health records (EHR) and clearinghouse to simplify the transition, we implement systems built around your existing processes but in a way that delivers streamlined operations and superior results.

Helping providers in the Acute, Ambulatory, CHC, FQHC practice segments achieve their mission of providing care, versus focusing on the business of care, is the core of our purpose. Through perpetual claims process improvement systems to generate greater financial resources and more productive allocation of human capital, those in healthcare benefit by spending less time on revenue cycle optimization and more time focusing on the patient experience. We do this by strategically aligning the best collective solution within our partner relationships – all within a shared risk model to our clients.

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Altruis provides expert medical billing services to providers in the Acute, Ambulatory, CHC, and FQHC practice segments.

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