Altruis RetroPay

Find eligibility for Medicaid in uncompensated care—new revenue through RetroPay.

A surprising percentage of your self-pay and charity-care patients become eligible for Medicaid long after their initial visit. Once they’re successfully enrolled, the Medicaid coverage they’re eligible for can be applied retroactively to cover care provided in the months preceding their enrollment—turning uncompensated care into meaningful revenue for your organization. Using retropay, we can help you increase your revenue by massive amounts.

As your revenue-cycle partner, Altruis can analyze all of your self-pay encounters on a daily basis to identify when a patient has been qualified to receive coverage by Medicaid or an MCO. We then bill the encounters and collect every dollar for this previously uncompensated care.

Real-World RetroPay Results:

In the first month of using RetroPay™, an Altruis client received an additional $500,000, increasing their Medicaid reimbursement by more than 2x. Working with Altruis, the client continues to realize $100,000 per month in increased revenue using RetroPay. Altruis RetroPay™ creates new revenue streams by automating the process that identifies Medicaid coverage and retroactively billing payers, strengthening patient satisfaction while boosting revenue that otherwise would have been written off as bad debt. RetroPay™ requires no set-up or integration fees, and no software installation, making implementation fast, easy, and cost-effective.

Altruis RetroPay™


  • Fast results – see gains in less than 30 days.
  • Automated process searches new encounters daily.
  • 100% contingency – we only get paid when you get paid.
  • Better patient experience and results compared to traditional collection methods.
  • Initial investment? One hour of your time.
Interested in turning uncompensated care into healthier revenue?