FQHC Billing and RCM:
Finding a Better Way

FQHC billing and reimbursement continue to be a challenge, especially as reimbursement models for these vital entities have changed in recent years. In the FQHC world, services are rarely fully compensated—and efforts to strengthen revenue can instead just end up driving increased costs.

FQHC billing is unique because Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are unique. These entities operate under a different model and mission, providing high-quality care to the nation’s economically disadvantaged and uninsured populations. Stepping up to serve those in need—opening their doors to those with nowhere else to turn.

At Altruis, we understand the importance of financial stability and solvency, and we’re experts at helping FQHCs achieve it. Our sole focus is helping you achieve healthier revenues for a healthier mission—and our team of FQHC billing experts are here to ensure you capture more of the revenue you’re owed for the care you provide.

Truly in Need: The Typical FQHC Patient

Source: National Association of Community Health Centers, 3/2015

Right Team, Right Technology

To continue to serve the communities you care about, you need a partner that shares your goals and is equipped to help you tackle the financial complexities you face. Our team of seasoned FQHC billing professionals combines the best of tech with the benefit of experience. And to capitalize on investments you’ve already made, we leverage your existing electronic health records (EHR) and clearinghouse to tailor our partnership to your needs—and your challenges.

What does success look like for us? Your staff—and your leadership team—succeeding in their role. Your community being better served. Your patients experiencing improved outcomes. And your organization having the revenue needed to pursue and grow your mission.

Partnering for Improved Profitability

In Their Own Words

“Community Health would like to express our gratitude for the manner in which your staff handles our accounts. They are professional, courteous and always willing to help solve problems or answer questions. We have increased our income and the volume of the practice and we are eternally grateful. We look forward to the future and the great work that will continue.”

Sean St. Louis , CFO

Real world results

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