Altruis Chronic Care Management

Altruis offers the only intelligent, collaborative care solution that partners seamlessly with providers, hospitals and health systems to extend their practices to Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Transition Care Management (TCM) services. Without adding overhead, providers can increase revenue growth and achieve better patient outcomes while accelerating MIPS and MACRA compliance.

User-friendly web and mobile interfaces motivate and activate patients, families, care givers, providers and care teams to fully realize the promise of collaborative care. Comprehensive tracking and streamlined workflow tools ensure compliance with the ever-changing landscape of health IT policy and regulation.

A Seamless, 100% Contingency-Based Model—with No Need for Additional Staff

Through our innovative partnership with Orb Health, Altruis provides an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant platform that assures safe data synchronization for patient PHI. All information and tracked activities are always up-to-date. Just as important, data can be synced back to each provider’s EHR system in accordance with individual data integrity and security requirements.

With Altruis, there’s no need to add or reassign staff. Our care delivery and coordination team acts as a force-multiplier for your organization. These highly trained medical practitioners facilitate patient enrollment, monthly calls with patients, and proactive outreach.

Implementation and training are included, and we handle all aspects of billing and reimbursement. Our unique approached enables a no-risk, 100% contingency-based model. Clients pay Altruis a percentage of the revenue they receive for their chronic care management program—after they receive those funds.

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How Chronic Care Management Impacts Reimbursement

Payers recognize that comprehensive and coordinated care leads to improved outcomes, lower overall costs, and more effective health system utilization. Patients who participate in effective chronic care management programs are more likely to utilize primary and preventative care services. They’re less likely to be (or become) heavy utilizers of emergency and urgent care services.

Government and commercial payers continue to create and fine-tune financial incentives that align with the chronic care management model. For providers, capturing these incentives requires an enhanced ability to coordinate care and successfully drive patient engagement. It also requires a higher degree of billing sophistication and improved care-related activity tracking.

Altruis’ deep medical billing expertise – combined with Orb Health’s innovative platform – delivers the technology and insights needed to successfully grow and optimize revenue from chronic care management programs. With Altruis, providers can be confident in the financial success of their chronic care management programs—and empower their teams to focus on patient care.

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